How does our online garden design work?


How to receive your online garden design? (for planting plans, see the section below)

  1. We confirm what you want through online discussions with you and through receiving your emailed ‘Online design proposal questionnaire’.
  1. You would email us photos and a plan of the site, with dimensions, so we know exactly what space we are dealing with, including slopes. (We also email you a survey guide to help you ‘How to Measure Your Garden’).
  1. We draw up a scale plan of the existing site and then brainstorm on ideas to produce some options, with rough plans and sketches.
  1. At this stage we often use an online Pinterest board onto which we can both post ideas.
  1. You decide which option to develop and any initial changes you would like.
  1. We produce a layout plan to scale of the option you have chosen. We also produce a design visual and email you a video with a small presentation of the design.
  2. We can then do more detailed structural and working drawings if necessary, to brief your contractor more precisely, as well as maintenance schedules to assist in garden upkeep. We can also produce a planting plan, showing plant names and how many of each are needed – see below. Plant maintenance advice can be added.

Planting Plans

For a planting plan the process is slightly different. You would complete an ‘Online planting design proposal questionnaire’, with photos and measurements. We would then discuss outline ideas with you, work with your feedback, then send you the final planting plan showing each named plant in position, with a plant calendar showing what’s out when (these are very useful to show what colours will appear during the year) and an online Pinterest board of photos of all the plants.



(Layout plan + Design visual + Video presentation of the design)

(Planting plan + Design visual + Video presentation of the design)

(Layout plan + Planting plan + Design visual + Video presentation of the design)