One of the key features of the apartment was a good sized West facing terrace  with lovely views over a park. We wanted to preserve this view looking out but screen the overlooking sides. We enhanced the already existing greenery around with client’s favourite plants, the olive trees.

“Every day one of us in the family looks out of the windows and says I love this garden!
One of the best decisions we have ever made was to contact Lucia to ask for her ideas as to what could be done with the terrace we had when we moved house two years ago.
Lucia is an absolute delight to know and work with. Calm, professional, humorous and a very good listener. She noted down our visions, memories, likes, dislikes, all coming to her at once from four different voices (our kids included) and took them beyond anything we could have envisaged possible and created a garden that is truly beyond our wildest dreams and yet very personal to us. We wanted a garden for wildlife – birds, bees, butterflies and other insects – where we could relax and entertain – and with a touch of France. In London. A garden we could manage and enjoy working in without feeling daunted. Thanks to Lucia, we now have it all and more.”
De Souza family, London