Step away from the watering can

Pots are brilliant solution for the space-strapped gardener, but they should come with a warning sign for the rooky gardener, who can easily forget that while roots need water, they also need to breathe. Ergo, the number one cause of pot plant death? Drowning.
A droopy plant may be a thirsty plant, but if it was recently doused, its limpness is more likely a symptom of over-saturation. Ensure all your pots have proper drainage, and before you reach for the watering can, check that the soil has dried out completely. If you’ve done all that and your new urban oasis is still looking more Dust Bowl than Chelsea Flower Show, find a good quality feed. In the absence of space for a compost heap, choose a bottle of liquid seaweed. This eco-friendly wonder tonic improves the soil structure and encourages positive microorganisms. If your plants are looking old and tired, give this a go and watch them flourish.

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